ConectCar's dashboard for vehicles and tags management


At ConectCar, I was directed to the team responsible for our product for public PJ (Legal Entities) to redesign the dashboard. This dashboard allows users to view their registered vehicles and the status of each tag and monthly fees.

The current PJ portal's registered vehicles page lacks a user-friendly experience, with obstacles and a lack of clarity regarding essential information. The primary concern is the absence of details about the validity and status of the monthly fee, which is currently displayed in the 'Monthly' column without clear identification. This can lead users to believe that the displayed amount is their current monthly fee.

Additionally, there is a lack of visual consistency with other screens that have been created based on our Design System.

My contribution

Product design

The team

1 × Product Designer 4 × Engineers 1 × Product Owner 1 × Scrum Master




For this demand to be delivered and completed correctly, we stipulated the main tasks with the help of the UX Team and the PO, which are:

  • Audit to analyze information architecture and the logic behind the backend of current screens, considering how we can effectively reprioritize the information without many changes to the code, and align expectations;
  • Apply benchmarking to analyze similar products focused on management dashboards;
  • Analyze and list components that will be needed in the Design System;
  • Design screens, flows and prototypes for both mobile and desktop versions, considering business rules like item removal and addition, addressing primary pain points, and emphasizing accessibility and usability;
  • Present new screens to the team and align development impacts;


First of all, we study and analyze the pain points that we need to consider in this demand, such as:

  • The "Tipo" and "Marca/Modelo/Ano" columns in the backend lack data and information;
  • Customers often have doubts about the status and validity of their monthly fee, but there's no complementary information available;
  • There's no need to create two types of views for the desktop version due to the low usage volume;
  • The "Centro de custo" field lacks an explanation of its purpose;
  • Blocked tags are currently only displayed in red without any additional identification.

Analyzing the current screens of the PJ portal of the desktop and mobile versions, we can observe other points of improvement that will be covered in this documentation.

In addition to listing the components that will be needed from our Design System, we also have a small Benchmark of references that will be taken into account when creating new components and screens.